Tuscan Herbs - ?

Tuscan Herbs

I was looking on the Internet for a recipe for Tuscan Herbs and I found a nice one at Divina Cucina®, which I have edited and included below. I have yet to try it but I already know it will be excellent as I use these fresh herbs often individually or in combinations. As the recipe indicates this mixture is particularly good on meats like roast pork and on roasted vegetables. Note that I did not include specific amounts of the ingredients. Neither did the provider of the recipe. The idea is that you are to experiment a bit to come up with the combination that pleases you best. I suggest as a starting point to use equal amounts of fresh rosemary, fresh sage and fresh garlic, and only a bit of ground sea salt, and a small amount of cracked pepper corns. The remainder of the text below is that of the provider with minor editing done by me. Have fun!

Probably one of the best recipes I have learned and taught in Tuscany are my Tuscan Herbs.

Every butcher has his own blend, which is used on the fabulous prepared meats, ready to cook, which are sold in the markets here.

The base is a simple trinity of rosemary, sage and garlic, finely chopped with fine sea salt.

This makes a fabulous gift anytime of the year.

Remove the herbs from branches and place them on a cutting board with some sliced garlic and salt.

Chop the herbs with a sharp knife or a mezzaluna until the pieces are very fine.

The salt absorbs the essential oils in the herbs and helps to dry the herbs.

Once the herbs are finely chopped, you can leave them out for a day or so to dry and then put them in a jar.

Local butchers also include black pepper, fennel seeds or pollen in making their Tuscan Herbs, and sometimes they add fresh bay leaves.

I like to use the basic recipe and add things to it as the recipe for what I am cooking inspires me.

Enjoy! It is great on meats and also on roasted vegetables.

Most of my students end up adding it to a plate of good Tuscan oil and just dipping bread in it.

If you want to use it freshly made then go light on the salt.