New Editions and Revisions

New Editions

For Webpage Users:

The Food Nirvana web site will be updated regularly so you can access the latest recipes or upgrades to recipes simply by clicking on the available webpage hyperlink. Access to the webpage is provided here:


For Book Users:

I will update the book regularly to keep it synchronized with the web page content, so I suggest you keep your book copy on your personal computer instead of printing it. You might print the index and a few of the recipes that you will use fairly often and you might want to organize those recipes using a three-ring binder. You can save a lot of paper easily if your printer is the type that can print on both sides of the paper. Another idea is to print the odd numbered pages only, then put the paper back into the paper feed area face up and have the printer do the even numbered pages Ö but use the correct paper orientation else half of the pages will print upside down!

I keep the most up to date version of this book on my web page even as revisions and additions are occurring, so the latest information will be available anytime (almost), by making sure your Internet connection is active and by clicking on the hyperlink provided here:


When you download a new version of the book, if you save it to the location/folder that has the old version you will be asked if you want to overwrite the older file, and the answer is yes. That way you will have only one up to date copy of the book, which will have both new recipes and improved/edited older recipes. You might, if you have OCD or want to give the book directly as a gift, make a copy to a removable memory device.

The amount of time necessary to download the book depends on the speed of your Internet connection. The book is about three megabytes in size. A typical high speed Internet connection will download a file of that size in less than one minute.

Note that the recipes are presented alphabetically by type of food and usually alphabetically within type of food, so think about the basic word(s) for what you want to make. Or you can simply scan the five pages of the table of contents. As stated in an earlier paragraph, the early editions/revisions of this book lack a lot of great recipes that I have developed or presently need to locate that I intend to provide as time permits.

Even the best of the recipes can be improved and it is a sure bet that some in this book will be improved through time. In short, you may want to download new versions of this book a few times a year to keep up to date. Iíve made major recipe additions, corrections and textual changes no less than three hundred times since Christmas of 2010. I do, however, expect the pace of the changes to lessen considerably as I round out the different sections of the book with other best recipes.

Think of this, however, as a living recipe book or one that will evolve. It is a legacy I leave with friends and loved ones, so they wonít have to search for how Marie or I made something after I too am gone. Thus, in one place my descendants, other relatives and friends can find a perfectly compiled and organized collection of my personal favorites that I have created for them with joy. My wish is to provide knowledge to improve your quality of life. My hope is that one or more of my descendants, other relatives or close friends will assume responsibility to promote and to add to this book in the future, provided they are top notch cooks!

A brief note about using Microsoft Word® is in order for book users unfamiliar with its features. The Table of Contents page numbers are direct links to each of the recipes. Simply click on the page number and the recipe will appear. To return to the Table of Contents, if you opened the book with Microsoft Word®ís options set to Web under Tools/Customize, you can click on the small blue back arrow ( <- ) at the extreme left on the bottom of the Microsoft Word® menu bar. If you donít use the Web option then you can return to the Table of Contents using the Edit and GoTo menu options.

I conclude this Forward/Introduction to "FOOD NIRVANA" with three considerations:

  1. If you cook on average two meals a day for fifty years that each average only one hour to prepare you will spend over 36,000 hours cooking, and likely you will spend 6000 hours simply acquiring ingredients. Does it make sense to use that time well?
  2. I am what I do.
  3. Aim high in life.