Lemonade - ☺♥


When you want a refreshing drink on a hot day make either lemonade or iced tea. This lemonade recipe, straight out of the old Better Homes and Gardens® cookbook, is simple and delicious. I made one modification and that was to use juice from one fresh lime as part of the lemon juice requirement. This drink is excellent with either gin or vodka over ice cubes on a hot summer day. It is very simple and very good and quite refreshing. You may find yourself having more than one!

Makes one quart


1 fresh lime, juiced

3 fresh lemons, juiced, enough to make the lime and lemon juice mixture volume exactly one cup

3/4 cup of sugar

3 cups of water

9 lemon and 3 lime slivers cut from the skins of the juiced lime and lemons


Put the sugar into a one quart glass pitcher.

Use a juicer, either manual or electric to process the lime and the lemons.

Remove any lemon seeds from the juice with a spoon.

Add the juice to the pitcher.

Add three cups of water to the pitcher and mix the contents well.

Cut the lemon and lime slivers from the skins of the juiced fruit and add the slivers to the pitcher.

Mix again and then refrigerate the lemonade until it is used.

Serve the lemonade over ice cubes in tall glasses, perhaps with a shot of gin or vodka added prior to the lemonade.

Stir and drink. Yummy!