Hotel DuPont® Sesame Salad Dressing - ☺♥

Sesame Salad Dressing

From the Hotel DuPont® … an Internet site had this one and according to the author, the recipe wasn’t supposed to be made public. So, what else is new? The recipe as shown on the net wasn’t quite the real thing, so someone was blowing hot air or using bad "secret" information. I sensed that and made modifications.

This dressing is one of my fond memories from eating at business meetings in the Hotel DuPont®, Wilmington, DE. It is unique and most tasty on most any type of green salad.

I found the basic recipe on the web site of another food aficionado without much trouble, and I modified it to make what I remember in taste. I also modified the handling of the egg by coddling it and whisking it before adding the rest of the blended ingredients and whisking while slowly adding them to the egg.

I am pleased to report complete success. This salad dressing is unique in that it cannot be found in any store and it is delicious.


1 Tbsp. of lemon juice

1 large egg (my modification to coddle the egg and whisk it with other blended stuff)

½ cup of ketchup

1/4 cup of sesame oil (my addition)

1/8 cup of honey (my addition)

2 drops of Tabasco sauce

1 rounded tsp. of salt

3/4 tsp. of sugar

1 rounded tsp. of dry mustard

½ tsp. of paprika

½ cup of Miracle Whip®

¼ cup of Hellman's® Mayonnaise (my addition)

3 drops of Worcestershire sauce

7/8 cup of soybean oil (my reduction from 1½ cups in the Internet recipe)

½ cup of toasted sesame seeds (my modification to toast the seeds)

½ cup of Tarragon vinegar (or rice vinegar and 1 tsp. fresh crushed tarragon leaves)


Blend all the ingredients except the soybean oil, tarragon vinegar, egg and sesame seeds. Start low and move to high power. Turn back to low and add 7/8 cup soybean oil slowly. Reduce power further and add ½ cup tarragon vinegar. Blend at low speed for a minute then at high speed until the mixture is well blended.

Toast raw sesame seeds in a 300ºF oven for two to four minutes on a cookie tray until they turn light tan (or buy McCormick® toasted sesame seeds at Costco® and use them instead). Bump the tray after two minutes to make the seeds turn over for even toasting. Do not allow them to darken beyond a light tan color. Remove and cool the toasted seeds immediately by using a spatula to scrape them onto a plate.

Coddle the egg (add a room temperature extra large egg gently into boiling water from a soup spoon; boil for 45 seconds, remove it and break it into a cool one quart bowl and whisk it). Slowly add the blended salad dressing to the bowl while whisking.

Add the toasted sesame seeds to the dressing and mix manually briefly with a whisk.

This dressing will keep refrigerated for three weeks and longer if kept in a sealed jar. I have yet to vacuum seal it and test for refrigerator shelf life.