Cherry French Vanilla Ice Cream - ☺♥

This is an exceptional ice cream. The recipe is my basic French Vanilla ice cream recipe, modified in amounts of some ingredients, plus the addition of maraschino cherries and cherry juice. I became curious about how the combination of the ingredients would taste. What resulted was not only a taste sensation but a fabulously creamy consistency. This one you really want to make.

The total volume of this ice cream exceeded the stated capacity of my gelato maker by one cup. That turned out to be okay as the freezing mixture expands and uses the small extra capacity available immediately under the lid. Thus, instead of the typical yield of 1 1/2 quarts I got 1 3/4 quarts. Check the true capacity of your gelato maker to assure that the ice cream mixture will not overflow from the bowl into the freezing coils, initially or during freezing. Adjust ingredient amounts if necessary.

Cherry French Vanilla Ice Cream

Ingredients: (makes about 1 3/4 quarts of ice cream)

2 extra large or jumbo eggs plus two egg yolks

2 cups of heavy cream

¾ cup of sugar

1 cup of milk

1 cup of maraschino cherry juice

3 tablespoons of vanilla extract

1 cup of maraschino cherries cut into quarters


Cut the cherries into quarters and set them aside in a bowl in the freezer.

Use your electric mixer to beat the eggs and the egg yolks on medium speed for two minutes, then pause to add the sugar, then resume mixing for two minutes. Then add the vanilla extract and the maraschino cherry juice and resume mixing for one additional minute. Slowly add the cream and the milk while continuing to mix for one minute.

Transfer the mixture to a gelato maker and turn it on. Add half of the cut maraschino cherries. After about 30 minutes check the ice cream to see if it is fairly stiff. If necessary continue to run the gelato maker for an additional ten minutes.

Add the other half of the cut maraschino cherries gradually so they do not bunch together.

Run the gelato maker for three to five minutes.

Transfer the ice cream from the gelato maker into a good quality 2 quart plastic container that has a tight fitting lid. Put the lid on the ice cream and put the container into a deep freeze for four to six hours.

The ice cream is then ready to serve. It is more than delicious ... it is superb!


The temperature of a deep freeze is typically lower than that of the freezer of your refrigerator, and that means the deep freeze is superior to your refrigerator freezer in the last step of final freezing of the ice cream. Use your deep freeze and the ice cream will be ready within a few hours. Conversely, the freezer of your refrigerator may not properly freeze the ice cream at all (it depends in part on how you set your freezer settings), and even if it does you may have to wait until the next day to eat the ice cream properly frozen.

Note also that you may enjoy this dessert as a soft ice cream, which I love. To do that divide the ice cream from the gelato maker into two, one quart containers. Put both containers into your refrigerator freezer for one hour. The ice cream is then ready to eat as a soft ice cream. Try it. If you continue freezing the remaining ice cream it will have the traditional ice cream consistency. Or you might serve all of the soft ice cream immediately to family or friends in ice cream dishes that have been chilled in the freezer.