Bleu Cheese Dressing - ☺♥

Bleu Cheese Dressing

This bulk recipe, my own creation, makes up to two quarts of dressing. You can proportion it to make smaller quantities. If you use less milk you have a lower volume thicker dip for chips, vegetables, etc. If you use more milk you have a salad dressing that is superb on a wedge of iceberg lettuce.


1½ lbs. high quality Bleu, Roquefort or Gorgonzola cheese

8 oz. cream cheese

1 cup mayonnaise

1 cup heavy cream

Milk (one to three cups depending on your preference/intent)

1 tsp. white pepper


Blend the cream, pepper and mayonnaise with an electric mixer on low speed in a 3 to 4 quart bowl.

Cut up the softened cream cheese and add the pieces gradually while mixing. Increase the speed to medium when necessary.

Cut up one pound of the bleu cheese into small pieces and add them gradually while mixing. Mix on medium to medium high speed to cream the ingredients thoroughly. The mixture will be quite thick.

Add milk gradually, up to one cup total, to obtain the desired consistency for a vegetable or chip dip. Use more for a salad dressing. Mix well after each ¼ cup addition and test the consistency before adding more milk. Some people want a very thick dressing for a dip. Others want thinner dressing for salads. Add the amount of milk in total to meet your goal.

Break up the remaining half pound of bleu cheese into small pieces about the size of a peanut or a chickpea. Mix them all at once into the dressing, briefly, on low speed, so as to retain the small pieces of bleu cheese in the otherwise creamy bleu cheese dressing.

This mixture will easily keep well for up to two weeks if properly refrigerated. I use my vacuum sealer with one pint canning jars to extend the suitable refrigeration storage time to three weeks or more for surplus product.