The Harvest


John Wright


I have written no articles discussing our global experiences in the past year. Of course, anything global also includes those experiences here at home in the USA. But I did comment in one article about the war between blacks who kill police and police who kill blacks in the USA. I found that I was so utterly appalled with the news both here and abroad for the past year that I simply couldn't work up the enthusiasm to analyze any of the problems and then write my thoughts in a coherent way. I backed off, waiting for a continuation and an escalation of the various problems I identified and forecasted in earlier articles and in my book, Destiny. Oh my, the chickens have come home to roost! We are in fact approaching global chaos with the reality of having too many meaningless lives trying to be successful, and we are failing on a grand scale to make rational improvements to human life by improving humans. We are instead devolving our cultures and destroying our physical environment.

Thus it is that today I finally reached my limit of disgust and I feel compelled to do two things: 1) Make it clear that I told you so, and 2) Tell you what must be done to avoid pending global war, continued and increasing domestic violence and rapid destruction of our physical environment, e.g. global warming. And I must warn you that I feel total disrespect for the so called leaders and all the lying and dissembling that is the daily fodder provided to us via news media.

I've decided the simplest approach for me is to create a list of the major problems and the real reasons why each problem exists, followed by a no nonsense set of demands for repairing each identified problem and making sure it does not recur. For example ... Neville Chamberlain with a dark tan, you know, the guy in the White House, has allowed ISIS to become a real problem instead of destroying them early on. Why? They represent the worst of history reborn in the present ... violent ignorance! Vladimir Putin is the only leader who has demonstrated the guts to do what is required to restore some semblance of order in the Middle East, regardless of whether his overall motives are what our government might or might not like. And our Neville has appeased Iran. The success of diplomacy? How stupid we are to believe that any formal nuclear agreement of today with Iran will have any impact within a few years! If left to fester, war with Israel is guaranteed ... and it will most likely escalate to become nuclear. Doesn't anybody get it? Competing Theocracies, and let's not kid ourselves ... that includes Israel as well as Iran, are a guarantee of major war and in one particular case, Islam, endless repression of human rights, e.g. women's rights. So, let's get started on that list ...

Well, maybe I should balance my diatribe against stupid liberals (those who will fill up the world with non-contributors, many of them violent, and thus ruin life for everyone) with an equal diatribe against stupid hypercapitalists (those who enslave the world to their own selfish gain, thus ruining life for most everyone by disempowering them while destroying the physical environment). It seems that no one with any power grasps the stupidity of both of those competing idiotic philosophies. The one common byproduct of the combination of those idiocies is too many people with large appetites and little of value to contribute to the progression of humanity. Now I am wondering if my voice in the wilderness can possibly do any good?


You know, it finally hit me that going through the exercise of pointing out our errors and faults and recommending solutions is a total waste of time ... In particular, my time. I think it was the umpteenth observation of Google® News' asinine pot boiling reporting that finally did it. But listen carefully to Ben Carson. Read between the lines. He cannot say bluntly what is truly necessary to be said about our domestic terrorism without destroying his candidacy for president. But I rather like Ben except in a few key policy areas like abortion. I think a ticket with him as president and the "Donald" as vice-president is one way to go to maybe, finally, get some meaningful progress in useful directions to get the USA back on track fiscally by eliminating permanent welfare and benefits for illegal immigrants. But in reality I don't think they will be elected, or even chosen at the Republican Convention.

In short, there is one and only one goal worthy of our attention at this time in history. All the other issues, save environmental issues, are flat out irrelevant to human progress. That goal is to use science and technology to allow us to become immortal and far more intelligent, on average, than we have ever been. We can become intelligent enough not to overpopulate and not to destroy our physical environment. Prior to Watson's and Krick's discovery of the structure of DNA it was not in any way apparent that we might one day control our own evolution by genetic engineering. But now? All other human endeavors, and the endless repetition of pointless and disastrous human errors, pale into insignificance.

The idea is that all of the idiotic items in the news are simply that ... idiotic and ultimately meaningless. They are endless expositions of the stupidity of humanity at large ... and essentially identical to what we have seen throughout history, but now on a very large scale. But we have important work to do that is worthy of human effort, thanks to our scientists. The remainder of human experience is mostly the byproduct of poor understandings of our life purpose and poor executions of governing, business and education.

I guess I finally hit my own wall regarding patience in trying to help us evolve to an advanced state for humanity. I no longer have any patience with our continuous errors of judgment in growing humanity. Thus, I no longer give a damn about anything going on in the world that is not specifically directed towards creating our immortality and vastly improving our native intelligence, with the exception of the essential changes we need to make to save the planet environmentally.

If I have any comments to make about the progression of human society in the future I suspect that they will be limited to thoughts about our progress with genetic engineering. I can produce useful ideas for individuals and suggestions for our society but I cannot stop the overwhelming foolishness of globalization and the environmental and economic hell it has created and will continue to create.

So why the article title, "The Harvest?" Simple. You reap what you sow. That is, until there is no useful place left to sow anything!

'Nuff said.