Sucker Play Extraordinaire


John Wright


This article is a major assault on the negative influences, globally, of a large and powerful syndicate of Jewish people dedicated to the realization of becoming "Godís chosen people" through political and financial gain and directed oppression towards other, non-Jewish peoples. World domination is the goal of those people. They have made a lot of progress towards that goal to the detriment of people in many nations, and especially within the USA. They have not directly affected China yet, except to raise hopes within China for a glorious future based on present success within China. Unless major changes occur, it can and will quickly become unsustainable, in large part due to the economic failure of the USA.

Having stated what I will address in this article I want to make a few points very clear about my values first and then speak on behalf of Jewish people in general. In my value system I believe in a meritocracy, and that means that the more capable and contributive people will have and have a right to have more of the desirable things in life. It is a matter of compensation for contribution to human progress. It does not deny less gifted people the right to live or the right to have a decent living, but it does scale privileges with abilities combined with contributions. I am not a socialist, nor am I a hyper-capitalist, so I firmly believe in mandatory limits to wealth and mandatory birth control, for lack of these critical societal requirements has allowed an immoral component of an ethnic group to wreak havoc.

A great many of our highest contributors to human society have been and are Jews. If you look at contributions in science, the arts like music, entertainment like humor, our best legal minds and our best physicians you will find that a lot of our highest most contributive performers are and have been Jewish throughout history, not just in the USA. It is for that reason that I am making a very special point not to dump all Jewish people into one group, for I am going to debase the worst of the Jews and I do not want anyone to misunderstand or underestimate the intensity of my attack as I am most serious. But at the same time I love and have been great friends with a number of truly wonderful Jewish people. My feelings and my beliefs and my findings and my prescriptions for change are consistent and fair. I want to cut the cancer out of our society, and out of the world, while recognizing in a very positive way the wonderfully contributive and imaginative and critically important Jewish people.

Let me begin about two thousand years ago, around the time of the assumed (but well recorded) historical Biblical event where Jesus kicks the moneychangers out of the temple (John, Chapter 2, Verses 14-16). For the record, this story is repeated in all four of the first books of the New Testament. Why would he do that? What, pray tell, is wrong with the business of exchanging money, for whatever? How could the simple practice of so doing that activity be construed as defiling the temple of God? More to the point, what are the early Christians really saying about ancient established monetary practices in Judaism? Does not the golden rule negate and debase the Old Testament stories of military conquest, domination and suppression of and by Jews in attempts to conquer all other tribes? Is not the love of money seen as the root of all evil? As it turns out, Jesus was messing with the merchants and moneychangers, in effect casting them out for defiling the temple of God by using it to make money. This act enraged the establishment, the high power folks who ran the temple and were the voice of Judaism. Not long after Jesus was arrested and crucified and a number of scholars believe the temple event was the precipitating cause. The clear lesson is that if you mess with powerful Jews making money you are in real trouble, no matter what other good you may do in society.

Move ahead in time to the period Shakespeare wrote about in the fictional play, "A Tale of Two Cities." We find a Jewish character named Shylock who has lent money under the condition that failure to repay as agreed entitles Shylock to cut out the heart of the borrower, as the proverbial "pound of flesh." But what was Shakespeare really doing besides creating an interesting play? It is pretty easy to see his position regarding social consciousness and right and wrong. For the record, in contemporary times our law enforcement agencies named the Mafia practice of cruel lending practices "Shylocking" so the understanding and meaning of Shakespeareís writings is very clear.

And now we proceed to modern times, where the advent of easy credit in the form of credit cards, long term automobile loans and variable rate home mortgages with low down payments, created an opportunity of massive proportion to recreate the worst aspects of human history in money lending. And it all began in the USA a mere sixty years ago! And Iíll be damned, it is the same group of people who did it again, and even when that wasnít initially true there resulted an evolution that ultimately had and now has those folks, the subset of immoral Jews, controlling our destiny via money and the innermost banking systems (Federal Reserve, Wall St.) that control the creation and use of money.

Even looking back a few hundred years we can find many pogroms against Jewish people as a whole in Europe due to the financial practices and other business practices of the moneylenders within the communities they lived. In the USA in the first half of the 20th century Jewish lawyers and business people were normally excluded from memberships in the best country clubs, and not permitted to hold high positions in the larger corporations. This ethnocentrism on the part of non-Jews had its basis in the utterly heartless manner of the Jews in making money in quantity by taking advantage as much as they could of weaker people. And it was well known that Jewish loyalty was to fellow Jews only, always, and even then they had a tendency to screw each other financially. This repulsive behavior had deep consequences in the USA in the first half of the 20th century.

But suddenly we had the need to recognize the unfairness of the Holocaust in Europe, and to be fair minded we had to side with the Jews politically and philosophically, even to the point of creating the state of Israel by stealing land from Palestine after WWII. The irony is that ever since there isnít even an attempt to hide Jewish determination to own everything. Even the great comedian, Woody Allen, once made us laugh uproariously with the statement that, "I wouldnít want to belong to a country club that would allow someone like me to become a member!" That is truly fine Jewish humor.

Sharp, which means dishonest, business practices in the New York garment district during the first half of the 20th century earned numerous Jewish business owners the title, "7th Avenue Kikes." In that world as in others the ability to be become wealthy by screwing anybody else was seen as honorable. Such is the difficulty with the morality of that subgroup of Jews, whose modern day analogue is far worse in effects on USA and indeed global society. They own our Congress.

I remember well one in-person confession to me by a really great Jewish friend. We were talking about how Blacks were ripped off by Jewish merchants regularly and the example he gave me was pretty rotten. It seems one Jewish grocery store owner he knew had ground beef that he sold to Blacks at a pretty good price Ö good, that is, unless you knew that the grocer mixed sawdust and blood with fatty ground beef as a very cheap and effective extender. The Blacks didnít know any better, and they ate wood while the Jewish grocer got rich. That type of immoral thinking and behavior on the part of some of the merchant class is despicable, and the underlying fundamental problem is that the same immorality drives people with far greater influence in financial sectors and government and political action committees. These people are very intelligent and very well organized and global, and they operate only to their own advantage.

Stated succinctly, any group of humans who differentiate themselves from the rest of humanity such that they use their high intelligence to demean and destroy those outside their own group are nothing more or less than low class criminals, who in turn on having done major damage must be demeaned and destroyed. The very act of using high intelligence to work only for oneís tribe and actively against the wellbeing of the remainder of humanity as a whole is an unpardonable behavior.

What all of these background stories have in common, external to the people or their religion or culture or history, is that there is an activity that, when uncontrolled, results in one small segment of the general population amassing fortunes, as the remainder of the population experiences severe decline in standard of living and excessive governmental control. I donít care whether we point our fingers at the less humanitarian Jews or at secular cruel people. Both wonderful and awful people can be found across any ethnic or racial group. But the sorry result is the same, such that pursuit of money and power to make more money becomes a whirlpool that sucks up everything in sight. That is the issue of today, plain and simple. But it was well disguised as part of the many faceted sucker play that has been developing and occurring in the USA for roughly sixty years. And you havenít and wonít hear much about it, for Jews own the media.

One way to understand what has happened to the USA is to see the various manifestations of the Jewish attack on common USA citizens. To do that we use the old detectiveís approach to solving a crime, and that is to follow the trail of the money, at the end of which you will know the identity of the perpetrator(s). Thus in trying to understand this economic nightmare we can follow the money as the net result of earlier actions across many years. If it keeps accumulating in only a few areas for a few parts of society then we have in fact found the perpetrators of the financial crimes that have undermined our society, in many and varied ways.

But what about military crimes? The analogue is to ask the questions, who really wins and who bears the pain and the cost of winning? When you find the answers to be inconsistent with each other you know the perpetrators. So it is that I will also make a brief journey into geopolitical events and issues and provide some troubling facts and conclusions.

Letís look now at a partial list of serious problems.

The job market in the USA for higher income blue and white-collar jobs is destroyed due to offshoring, primarily to China. It is further eroded by the influx of green card immigrants with good education from countries like India, who are more than happy to work for less money. There is no serious capital investment in the USA to return the job market here to health, especially in manufacturing.

The influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico has hugely burdened our welfare and educational systems while the employers of those very poorly paid illegals in agriculture and other businesses make very handsome profits. Meanwhile Hispanics migrate within the USA and overpopulate. They are the Blacks of the 20th and 21st centuries who come in for free, work for a pittance and gradually but surely bring us to our knees financially for all but the business owners.

Our world of medical goods and services inflates in cost at ridiculous and uncontrolled rates while, (Can you believe it?), our medical insurance companies get ever richer on our dime charging us very high premiums for limited medical coverage. You must ask yourself how this situation was allowed to develop in the first place. It did not exist prior to Medicare. More to the point, how is it that our Congress doesnít stop the disaster? For that you will have to understand the workings of AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) in developing control of the Congress, as well as the medical and pharmaceutical lobbyists. Medicare has to end completely.

Our demographics are changing in major ways such that there will be a completely splintered population in the USA in the next twenty years instead of a more homogenous group with common ideals and culture as we knew in the 20th century. We have been culturally attacked in the name of the very policies we once needed to gain immigrants for the many jobs we had in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and we are clearly in the process of being destroyed by those who use the old reasons for promoting immigration at a time when the last thing the American citizens need is more immigrants. No one in power in Washington appears willing to stop that ruinous process.

Political correctness has put a muzzle on all who would attempt to describe ugly truths across our population demographics and about our businesses and our federal and state governments. So called multi-culturalism is clearly seen as completely phony and we know we do not value diversity at all, yet the laws passed at state and federal levels put shields around the very non-performers who are eating our lunch through the welfare system. Look deeply into that legislation and media brainwashing and you will find major Jewish influence in all cases. It is designed to handcuff us as free citizens and muzzle us so that we cannot reverse the damage but simply watch as it becomes worse.

Dreams of capitalism for many small businesses have been destroyed by the federal government allowing virtually uncontrolled mergers and acquisitions. Meanwhile the federal government creates ever more burdensome regulations for small businesses. Such jobs as are now created are primarily low-income jobs in the service industry and as such do not provide the workers with income sufficient to even be able to buy the houses in the extremely depressed housing market. How is it that Taft-Hartley and other laws like the Sherman Antitrust Act have been pushed into the dustbin to the demise of workers and small businesses? Those laws were not repealed but there is total unwillingness on the part of the Congress to protect the common people and the small businesses. From where does the influence come that has turned our Congress into maidservants? Money, of course, and fear of no campaign funding from the wealthy if a Congressman steps out of line. Once you own the cream of the society you quickly own the society itself! Think AIPAC.

In short, a large part of our general population has been turned into virtual paupers, dependent on federal government largess from our taxes via entitlement programs even to survive. Thus, there is no pride of self-achievement as there is extremely limited opportunity to succeed in business, or to afford to buy the nicer things in life. Loss of interest in learning and competing due to an unlevel playing field and a poor job market has, for our larger groups of average citizens, produced a society of broken down drones and financially worthless large segments of society. We beat up these people for lack of a good work ethic when in fact we should see the real reasons beyond their limited aptitudes as to why they cannot succeed in our present day "business culture." We also see why our middle class has mostly disappeared Ö destroyed opportunity.

The statement that the primary purpose of a corporation is to make money for investors is flat out a lie. The purpose for even allowing a corporation to be chartered to do business here is that it will provide jobs, security and growth. The worst of this lying grew to monstrous proportions in the 1980ís and has continued ever since. By personal experience I know how corporate culture changed for the worse upon the entry to the corporation of Jewish stockholders of magnitude, when the Bronfman brothers who owned Seagrams® wound up owning 25% of the DuPont® company as a result of DuPont® buying the Conoco® oil company, in which the Bronfmans had a substantial stake. The influence of the Bronfmans on the culture at DuPont® was devastating, as their only interest was in making as much money as fast as possible with no regard for employees or the future of the company, for they intended to sell their share back to DuPont at a hefty profit and move on to bigger and better things. They left a weak shell behind.

The list above is incomplete but it serves to make one very clear point. We are and have been under attack for many decades and we are now nearing surrender in the form of national debt Ö somewhere around 14 trillion dollars. The questions become, "Who did it and why?" Who is controlling the strings of the puppets in our federal government, our Congress and our president? Most important, who is winning geopolitically as a result of our demise, both outside and within the USA? At this point I have already told you the answers. Now letís look at some other parts of recent history as well as more current events to prove my assertions.

A look at the world of oil and where it comes from will answer a few of the questions. Our federal government has, by virtue of failure to rein in the oil companies and insist on use of alternative energy, actively supported our demise. The price of oil for USA consumers has nothing to do with availability, only greed. The collapse of one Middle Eastern country after another due to failing economies, even Libya whose economy is based on oil sold to Europe, due in large part to food cost increases, clearly benefits one country, and that country, missing so much from recent news, is none other than Israel. The silence is deafening.

Look back a bit farther in time and you will see, like the Six Days war in the Middle East back in 1967 Ö less than 20 years old as a nation, Israel pissed off itís neighbors with land grabs, they prepared to attack and Israel trounced them all, quickly. How could it be so easy? More to the point, a mere six years later the Arab Oil Embargo, the price for our pro-Jewish political stance in Washington, changed our lives for the worse forever Ö massive inflation, etc. Would that embargo have happened if our political stance in the Middle East was at least balanced between Arab and Jewish interests? Who influenced Washington to take the side of Israel at every turn? We had NATO so we certainly did not need a militarily political USA friendly country a.k.a. Israel in the Middle East to promote our interests there or to keep the Soviets out of the region.

The impact of a dangerous subgroup of Jewish people in the USA today in Wall St., banking, the Federal Reserve, outfits like Goldman Sachs, high positions in our Treasury Department, political action committees like AIPAC that have extremely powerful influence on primary candidate selection, and later legislation, is massive. The so called "liberal" Jewish lawyers who have appeared for many decades to champion our poor but who are in fact undermining our middle class with socialism, all have a strong hand in the destruction of the USA. AIPAC is using us to keep their enemies, richly deserved enemies in the Middle East, militarily mired in conflict. The USA citizens are paying for Israel to succeed, at a very high cost, with exactly zero gain! We have become the Judas goat for the Israelis by becoming the enemy of the Islamic countries, a number of which supply our oil.

We even have a Holocaust museum on the mall in Washington, D.C. smack in the middle of what is supposed to be a celebration and historical record purely of us, the United States of America. What the hell is it doing there? Who put it there? Why werenít other peoples of the world who suffered much larger consequences in WWI and WWII also honored with their own museums on the mall? How is it that our museum to our own American Indians was so long in coming, long after the completion of the Holocaust museum? Clearly, absurd levels of political influence were at work, and that influence wasnít based on considerate emotions about right and wrong and honoring the dead. Instead, it was an icon for the world to see proclaiming America to be a Jewish country. It was flat out inappropriate. All non-USA museums to commemorate historical events belong elsewhere, not in or at or even near the seat of our national government.

Can you even imagine that we could have been and continue to be so utterly stupid as to allow destructive Jewish people here and in a small Jewish country in the Middle East to do so much damage to the USA? It is hard to conceive how this could have happened, yet all you have to do in looking at our most serious problems is to ask the question, "Who wins?" Then on examination you can find out both who they are, and with a bit of research, how they did it.

The demise of the Soviet Union, which used to be notably anti-Semitic, has been accompanied by some truly peculiar changes as they approached "democracy and capitalism." The short point is I have been told that now, some twenty years later, a number of Russiaís major industries like timber and oil are now run by and mostly owned by Jews. How in the hell could that have happened so quickly, if at all? The ugly answer is that Jewish domination is accomplished via a global syndicate, where necessary massive funding is provided cooperatively to further the Jewish cause, which is to dominate all of humanity, as after all, they are "Godís chosen people!"

This activity is a huge super set of the typical practice of people from Pakistan and India in the USA who work together to acquire and to dominate certain business segments, like convenience stores. But unlike the Indians, the Jewish syndicate doesnít have to go through twenty to fifty years of lean times to succeed in individual small businesses. Those times have passed as the involved Jews now control very much wealth, directly and indirectly through control of the Federal Reserve, etc. and the downstream banks and other businesses that receive bailouts.

Meanwhile, we have the stupid guilt trip promoted by the Jews about the Holocaust, which has not a damn thing to do with American history, and which should not in any way influence any political decisions in the USA at this time in history. After seeing now how much damage has been done to us in banking, business and geopolitical mischief on behalf of Zionism, should we not think to examine the history of Germany and other countries of the world between 1900 and 1930 a bit more carefully to perhaps understand better the vehemence of Hitler and others against Jews? The problem, you see, is that every arena of trouble we have today has been directly influenced and often developed by Jewish influences in banking and politics and legal systems.

The sanctions against Germany resulting from their culpability in causing WWI were perfectly designed to assure that the German economy would collapse. International banking practices of the 1920ís and 1930ís, along with intransigence on the part of governments affected by the Germans in WWI and collecting reparations guaranteed that the nation would devolve to the point of having worthless currency Ö and then subsequent worship of one of historyís worst dictators, Adolph Hitler. I am saying that the impact of Jews in Germany and abroad before Hitler rose to power in Germany virtually guaranteed that a Hitler would rise to power. But he was an idiot for not confining his aggression to the perpetrators of the demise of Germany. Instead, the fool killed millions of innocent people and laid the groundwork for the guilt trip that ultimately resulted in the formation of the Zionist country, Israel. What a huge mistake!

Lest we be too sanguine about our own country, let me state formally here that if our debt is not brought under control that we will experience what Germany experienced in out of control inflation prior to Hitler, and we will then find our own Hitler to worship. That eventuality of high probability is the one thing that shows stupidity and too much greed on the part of the bad segment of the Jewish population that is trying to run the world through controlling and using the USAís resources.

The worst of Jewry has perverted our government, our banking systems, our stock markets and our businesses, and our legal systems, while the best of Jewry continues as historically to contribute heavily to human progress. How did the bad people do it? How do you stop them from doing further damage? How do you avoid hurting the great while punishing the guilty?

I will now address my prescriptions for change. They are not pretty, but then again, what has been done to us is premeditated evil and deserves extreme punishment. So it is that the worst of the ancient conquest practices of Jewish tribes, expressed in modern times through money, must again be crushed, else we will turn into a large Palestine.

In case you didnít already pick up on the connection between the article title and the content you should now know that this history of exceptionally well planned and executed domination is the Sucker Play Extraordinaire within the USA. There is no other explanation for the USA to be committing suicide across so many fronts, and that is exactly what we have done and are now doing. It has to end, now.

It ends with freezing assets, and application of wealth and income limits, and forced reductions of corporate and banking size. It ends with the jailing of easily identified perpetrators, who must lose their rights as citizens first, and then be summarily tried for treason. It ends with the destruction of monopolies. It ends with making the stock market vehicles simple, by making illegal all forms of speculation that do not involve direct purchase or sale of stocks or bonds of tangible companies making tangible products or providing tangible services, i.e. no options and no derivatives or any like device. It ends by shutting down all of our military involvement in the Middle East and for once making Israel learn to cooperate with itís neighbors. It ends with expulsion of non-USA citizens and their children of all types back to their countries of origin. It ends with laws and enforcement to tax all companies that sell into the USA market a tariff to cover the labor cost differences between the USA and the source countries. It ends with a significant portion of the Federal Budget redirected from military and Medicare and Medicaid expenses to rebuilding American industry and recreating real jobs. It ends by directing a good portion of the saved moneys to paying off our debts to China, Japan and other countries. It ends with elimination of all medical insurance and automobile liability insurance, such that there is no ground for a tort lawyer to occupy. It ends with the end of welfare and destruction of ghettos combined with creation of farms so the indigent can live together and grow their own food. It ends with free higher education paid by the federal government for all citizens willing and able to perform at very high levels in career areas that speak to our future, not our past or our present. It ends with usury laws taking any and all profits above 4% return on investment from all banking and utility and medical entities. Finally, it ends with elimination of repulsive immoral practices of state governments like lotteries.

Hit the bad Jews and every other selfish pig where it hurts the most. Destroy their ability to amass and/or control money. Terminate all free trade agreements.

Isnít it now easy to see the campaign platform of a possible future Hitler in the USA? Isnít it now easy to see why that demigod will succeed if we allow the USA to fail economically? If we canít unseat the criminals and destroy and make illegal organizations like AIPAC then we will devolve to become exactly like pre WWII Germany. And that, in a rage, is why there were the prison camps of the Holocaust, where millions of innocent people were destroyed simply because of one bad group in their cultural heritage. I donít want that to happen here as it did in part to Japanese Americans during WWII!

What I want Ö what I WANT Ö is the absolute shutdown of any avenue that supports the acquisition, by any means, of excess wealth and power, by anybody.

If you doubt my assignments of guilt and are not satisfied by my simple manner of looking at who wins then why not consider who is not losing? Even from there you will see that my prescriptions remain identical for the future health of the USA.

Yes, we the United States of America, have been sucker played in an extraordinary manner over 60 years, culturally and financially, and we are now very weak as a result. Where does it end?