Sorting out the Mess


John Wright

I do not like this article, in fact I find it offensive, yet I wrote it out of a sense of necessity to define what we have to do to halt the decline of our global civilization and our physical environment. Frankly there are no good answers apparent and no effective actions taking place in any country even to hold us at our present state. I take the time in this article to provide background and supporting detail and to explain in large part how we have arrived at this point in history. It is part of the Big Picture. As to my recommendation it breaks my heart to see something so severe become mandatory. Read this article with an open mind and full awareness of the seriousness of our global decline, and the will to effect change that will reverse our decline. Afterwards I will understand if you are as appalled as I am. More to the point, if you believe you have ideas that will make my recommendation unnecessary by all means organize your thoughts and share them broadly. Share them with me especially and if they are in any way practical and potentially effective I will be pleased to modify or even retract my recommendation and promote the best of your combined ideas.

In times of economic plenty (abundant food, shelter and other resources, easily available to all) and environmental stability, cultures/tribes simply roll along and become whatever they become. Tribe success is based in part on the wisdom of the leaders, plus the inherent ability to learn and the developed capabilities of the general population, and especially on the physical resources available. The most important of these are the environmental stability and the abundant food, for with those the rest are comparatively unimportant, if only temporarily, to the continuance of the tribe. Some form of currency is typically created and used in developed cultures that develop specialization of labor to assure fairness and standard practices in trading different types of products and services. This has been true globally and at virtually all time periods throughout human history, from around 14,000 BC to the present, with only the tribes of lower comparative intelligence or very limiting physical environments varying from the norm.

It is during times of economic or environmental stress that we become aware of our fragility as creatures and the mistakes earlier generations have made that visit cultural, environmental and economic disaster upon our heads. Sometimes the stresses are war related, as tribes encounter each other and fight over disputed resources. Sometimes the political leaders and the witch doctors diminish the quality of life for the common people even given food abundance through either greed or urge to exert greater power over their presumed dominions. This could be seen in some past cultures in the form of human sacrifice, and in others by development of class structures that favored leaders/rulers at the extreme expense of the lowest defined classes. In what we might call modern times we have seen the confluence of abundant food and governments tending towards socialism to assist those less capable of having sustenance and shelter and other useful aspects of the developed cultures, like transportation, typically through direct income supplements.

In the past century global human population has expanded from one billion people to six billion people. In that same period the ratio of humans well adapted and financially secure within the cultures to those in chronic need has changed radically for the worse. We see that today even within the USA with the decline of the middle class and changing demographics that reflect explosive relative growth of the needy compared to the financially secure segment of the overall population. It is fair to say that we meet the conditions of economic and environmental stress mentioned in the last paragraph.

We are surely in one of those stress periods of human experience today, globally. We have the issue of world hunger and it has been a serious issue for at least a century, consistent with population expansion in areas that cannot grow enough food due to limited arable land or periodic drought, or simply too many people for the productive capacity of the land and the general supply of potable water. We have the issue of a progressively degrading physical environment; land, water and air pollution, and human induced climate change, the obvious signs of which are denied only by the class of leaders who have unwittingly allowed the problem to become a major problem, or who have created the problem. We have major cultural discontinuity within our countries between those who produce and those who only consume, or who consume far in excess of the value of their production opposite their expectations for quality of life in material goods and available services. This last item is presented to us today by dissembling as multiculturalism, and it is utter foolishness with regard to overall tribe success. It is a cancer eating us from within. Let us be totally aware that our chosen moral path of helping the needy, something that is laudable in times where the large majority of the population is secure, has made the problem ever larger. This is seen to be obvious now, where contributions to help the needy have segued into forced taxation of the secure and excessive governmental expenditures that have led our federal government, and thus us, into a position of massive debt.

All of these problems have happened coincident with the cornucopia of vast progress in science and subsequent vastly improved production of food from agriculture and material goods from industry, starting back at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the middle of the 19th century. Anyone with a brain and some education had better be nonplussed, for our results globally today are driving us backward in regard to providing the good life to all the world inhabitants. We are losing control of our environment and overpopulating and thus over consuming non-renewable natural resources. While some people in formerly backward areas that have been economically developed thrive, life is declining in developed nations and has not improved for the bulk of the populations in developing areas. We have created global economic and environmental instability in our efforts to promote human progress through humanitarian methods and especially through global business development. None of the sorry results are intentional. We simply chose to ignore cause and effect on a global scale.

In the course of trying to learn the most relevant reasons and corrective actions for our present status I, like others who want to understand and to correct our deficiencies, have to fight my way through a swamp of misdirection and resistance. It comes from business and religious sources, cultural confusion and economic and environmental political issues. It is typical of human experience that the problems of the day that are elevated to receive public attention through news media are never a proper coverage of antecedent events leading to the present status. That is the reality of our willful attempts to hide embarrassments due to negligence, political footballs and actions the leaders simply donít want the public to know about. Efforts to use governments to regulate some of the problem areas have proven most often to be unequal to the task, even as new forms of abuse are conceived and developed. This shows up even in our mismanagement of currencies that should be a standard and are instead increasingly unreliable through time.

Beyond the poor communication problem we need to look at the true underlying cause of our largest problems. That is the reality of philosophical dissonance and lack of useful, coherent direction across the intellectual community in our institutions of higher learning, and this problem is now chronic and very serious. It leads, of course, to confusion in the early training and value formation of college age individuals who will become business, political and cultural leaders. It is a problem as well for other intelligent citizens trying to understand why they should believe anything they are told. That particular area of dissonance develops based on the undeniable negative societal results the citizens see around them and often experience at a personal level, and also the experience and pain from periodic and now more often chronic wars that have nothing to do with our physical security. Lack of coherency and creative direction from our educational intellectual class is a giant problem for those of us who demand a sound intellectual grounding and broad cultural and physical experience as a basis for proclaiming anything about our society relative to needed changes. We are forced to unlearn the drivel and discover for ourselves the true nature of reality while being continuously misled by business, political and religious leaders, and, unfortunately, the educational community.

In short, the laboratory in which the experience of human life is happening, our little planet Earth, is an intellectual and political and cultural and economic and environmental mess. We have inherited most of our issues, we have created some of them ourselves, and it is what it is. The objectives for moving our cultures forward to experience true progress are to sort through the cultural confusion and the swamp of misdirection, first to understand reality, and to objectively discover and define cause and effect, broadly and fully. Then we must openly proclaim that reality in attempts to gain understanding from leaders and concerned citizens, and then become the genesis of broad and useful concepts and implementations to help lead us out of our present decline. It is a tall order. It is a challenge unappreciated by the amoral class of people who have become the majority of our political and business leaders, and also by the needy class. Gone is the underlying morality of classical capitalism and any sense on the part of any leaders to be responsible to the citizens for the wellbeing of the culture, from whence came the foundation environment and subsequent opportunity to even be a leader or to create, develop and operate a business. And the witch doctors are always with us as well, leading us exactly nowhere. Meanwhile, the populations of the needy expand faster than the populations of the financially secure. It is clear the solution to that problem cannot be job creation, for the chronically needy do not want jobs, nor are they capable, even those who are employed mostly in menial jobs, of performing the demanding jobs that are available that require higher education.

The most common citizens are useless in assisting the goals of defining or developing progress, for while they can vote in an environment of total political deception, they are mentally unable to contribute, or even to understand our decline at a conceptual level. If they have any income beyond their most basic needs they spend their time and their attention at the coliseums of this era while our present day Rome burns. Burn it must, as our gross cultural actions globally for the past century have created instability under the banners of human kindness and economic development. No matter how well intentioned by some of the participants, these turn out to be the products of fools who have created ever larger and more categorically serious problems for humanity as a whole.

It seems, to our sorrow, that no one in power ever appears to see the Big Picture, for our focus on tactics to address immediate problems has eclipsed any efforts to develop rational strategies for the development and progression of Humanity. In the most important sense of all, the leaders donít lead. If that does not provoke your concern then perhaps you might look at all the changes around you and figure out where we will be as a species a few decades down the road.

I should probably apologize for the extended statements of background and the overall size of the problem statement provided above. But these essential truths define a basis to allow us to continue in the seeking of a solution with a common understanding of why a very broad solution is indicated. There are, however, some components of cultural dissonance that require further identification first, for they are and have long been large contributors to us going backward instead of forward for human progress. Letís continue.

We are plagued by the dual realities of ethnocentrism and racism. Beyond that we are nearly different species when considering our differences in native intelligence, from totally mentally handicapped to genius. Add in the resulting educational differences and the quality or lack of quality of subsequent lives in a competitive economic environment and we find, to our horror, that there is little to cause us to think and to act in concert towards the beneficial progression of Humanity. Clearly of equal importance, we have to add in our differences of character that reflect our sense of right and wrong, good and bad, and motivated or unmotivated. Finally, it is simply irrational to expect the least intelligent segments of any population to demonstrate wisdom in family planning, even with social guidance and financial assistance.

As if we didnít already have enough issues before those just mentioned in the last paragraph! Now you have before you the ugliness and the immense challenges of what is in fact our reality. It is enough to bow the head of any moral, well-intentioned person, even the strongest. It is enough to provoke fear in the bravest hearts, provided they are rational, for we are in the process of destroying our own planet, or at least its habitability by humans. And yes, there are longer-term geologic effects that, at least in the past, caused environmental upheaval without any notable influence from humans, but hiding behind that reality to pretend that we are not destroying our present and our future through our abuse of our environment is flat out dishonest. We are also in the process of breaking the will of the productive to continue to be productive as the quality of their lives declines and their financial security disappears. The hardest part to understand if you are successful financially is that it takes many decades to undermine the health of a society, and you will not grasp the seriousness of the overall problem until you are affected personally.

I want to spend a moment of your time to cover an aspect of our problem that is no more than a symptom of the larger problems. It is the situation where we are presented what appears to be local and global problems with the economy, and it shows up in the form of debt, first from the countries that overspent the worst relative to their tax base. Then there is a progression of countries that follow the decline into economic disaster. This beast of economic disaster is in fact a symptom of irrational socialistic financial behaviors, not a cause. Yet, to be kind and personal, imagine you as a Greek citizen who has just lost his source of employment, having been used to a secure life and a high standard of living. You do not have viable employment options that will allow you to maintain the life you have lived for many decades. How are you to know that at a national level your country overspent, to the point of bringing down the house of cards? How can you feel personally responsible for national economic disaster when you have performed well all that was asked of you, whatever you happened to do relative to employment? My conclusion for the Greek example, which happens to be dead on accurate, is that you cannot live like a capitalist when you produce like a socialist. Sooner or later it all falls apart. And so it has and is, globally, simply with some areas worse off than others, the earliest in the symptomatic progression of the underlying disease.

No, it is not appropriate to grab your gun and end it all, no matter how bad it sounds. The proper action is to take a hard and cold look at the stated realities in this article and decide how to overcome them, such that they cannot return to harm us in the future. To do this it is necessary to put aside value systems of all types and be entirely clinical in our approach to required changes. Put forth the single goal of creating the Humanity that inherently rises above what we were and what we are, in person and in our actions.

That I have written many times before on this subject, aiming towards applied genetic engineering as our longer-term solution, is obvious to anyone familiar with my book or my articles. I am not abandoning that path, but the rate of decline of our cultures, our economies and our environment is so fast that I am now forced to believe that we canít wait for the fruits of genetic engineering. Our failure to act now to halt our destructive behaviors will cause human suffering of immense proportions due to war, famine and destroyed climates and properties.

This means I must promote viable steps that will reverse our course short of outright mass murder. Frankly, the only action other than mass murder that will fix, at least temporarily, our discontinuities is mass sterilization to cause a severe decline in total human population on the planet. That path has been suggested to me by others to be politically impossible. I reply, "Politics means exactly nothing. You either do as I say or nature or greed will take care of the problem with total cruelty. We have no other sensible choice." Thus, voting is not any part of this path.

This then is the point. We can accept what we must do and choose the kind solution where we do the best we can for all people alive today, so that they might have food and shelter and good medical care and opportunity to enjoy life. But we dare not allow at least half of us to reproduce. We cannot decide to do otherwise while remaining kind to humans as a species, for there is no solution following the different paths we have taken up to this point in time. We are destroying our environment and ourselves, and we will be successful in causing the total destruction of our civilization if we do not reduce our population, and it is necessary to start that process immediately.

I provided a path to follow in my book, Destiny, which was published almost 14 years ago. It involved allowing people to reproduce one for one and no more and then be sterilized, except for a very tiny part of the human population that comprises our people of the very highest intelligence. Those people are mandatory to have in quantity now to grow our ability to change all humans genetically, particularly in terms of raw intelligence. Those people are essential and they comprise only one half of one percent of us.

Unfortunately, my recommended path was not followed. Now that path is no longer viable as we have so many people that even to reproduce one for one is no longer sensible. Thus, the harsher sterilization process I mentioned above must begin and must selectively eliminate reproduction of the weakest members of our population, globally, and with no regard whatever for race or ethnic considerations. These are the people who are least intelligent who reproduce to excess and those who have reliably transmitted genes that result in what are now incurable diseases, for example, most cancers and heart disease.

Now you know why I said earlier that all normal value systems must be put aside and replaced with an entirely clinical view of the problem and the solution. What I am requiring disgusts me and I hope also you. It violates every aspect of my sense of fairness, kindness and equality in treatment for all of us. I could not have arrived at my conclusion unless I believed there was no other way for us to halt our destruction. With any decent leadership in the past century it would never have come to this point. You also must now face the issues candidly and draw your own conclusions, and if you disagree with me then you best ask yourself how much longer we have before we self-destruct? And then you must come up with your own solution path to avoid the destruction of human civilization. What will you offer? What will you do?