John Wright


Wow! Recently I heard that the population of India has now exceeded one "billion" people. Was it so long ago that China’s population exceeded one "billion" people? My … Oh, my! Whatever will all those people do to have a good life … to feel meaningful … and to contribute to our collective "future?" Will they have any means to avoid living like packed sardines? Will they have sufficient natural resources and income to enjoy the best of life or mere subsistence? We have so amply proven that people as well as other animals will expand in population as long as the natural resources (and man-made chemicals, etc.) will allow population growth. Where are we going and why do we need so many people to get there?

I wonder how many people have any idea how wonderful it is, in most of the USA, to have land to expand into so we aren’t forced to live in ridiculously close proximity to our "neighbors?" Even our NATO allies live "compressed" today, as an historical result of European evolution since the onset of Feudalism. Those Europeans who understand the difference between compressed European living and our expanded living conveniently let us know they lack the land to do what we do. Is it not equally rational to say they have too many people relative to their land area, not to mention a perpetual class structured society that guarantees only the very wealthy will ever be able to own much land?

Alas! I understand that ignorance is not bliss … though I expect millions of inexperienced people would argue that living in high population areas is fine. They simply do not understand because they do not know how fine life can be when you have your own acreage on which to develop and implement your dreams and enjoy wildlife and clean air. High density "living" is anything but good, but those who have known only that form of existence fail to realize their ignorance. They do not think deeply enough about high levels of crime, lost hours commuting and high cost of goods and services relative to lower population areas. How about air and water quality? Do the apparently higher salaries result in a better standard of living or is the difference completely absorbed by municipal taxes and high cost of living? How many people in densely populated areas grasp the reality that increasing populations simply degrade the quality of life for virtually everyone?

We have no defined global goal or even a national long-term goal regarding population, and we don’t need a billion people … in any nation! This reality leads to the rather obvious question … Are we out of control? What do you think we are doing? Why do I ask these provocative and irritating questions? Do you recall the historical antecedents that display in gruesome detail the evolution of activities of any population that exceeds available resources while areas exist for it to expand? I will be blunt, both China and India have "the bomb" and the need. So does Pakistan. The encroachment of Hispanics from various countries into the USA may not be as bad as "the bomb" but the ultimate effect is to reduce the quality of life for those who populate reasonably in the USA. That means one for one.

Note that a xenophobe is uncomfortable in the presence of those from other races or cultures, in any number. At what point, I ask, do any of us become xenophobes? If I am a part of any minority group, I stand to gain in feeling "at home" when my group expands relative to other groups, such that my culture and/or race is well represented wherever I go. As all of us want to feel "at home" it becomes clear that declining representation within the population yields a sense of loss of control and potentially social estrangement. Xenophobia is not the issue. Tribal survival imperatives are the issue.

The perceived value of Human life is a direct and demonstrable result of having just enough people to meet community needs. Any time in history where populations exceeded need the value of Human life was correspondingly reduced. Killing by means of physical war or economic war or cruel criminal laws is the rule. Of course, the killing is preceeded by periods of sub-standard high-density living. Unfortunately, this is an unattractive aspect of the tenet of capitalism where perceived value is a function of supply and demand. We are not nice to superfluous Humans, however a nation decides to "live out" the concept of superfluidity! And capitalism, per se, actually has nothing to do with it. Let us slip just a bit more in our willingness to subsidize our "less fortunate" but growing minority populations and you will see how ugly life can become here in the USA.

Every time I hear an anti-abortion or pro-abortion activist mouth off, I want to scream that they don’t even begin to get the point. Abortion is terrible. Life is precious. Both sides are composed of brainless twits. We stop this hogwash by avoiding conception. Unwanted conception is damn foolishness and we have all the medical means necessary to avoid it, provided we get off our phony moral high horses and make it required from the onset of puberty, until the adult has reproduced one for one by choice. Then the only sensible action is mandatory tubal ligation or a vasectomy. Worrying and fussing about abortion is stupid, for it is a pathetic "lock the barn after the horse is stolen" response that results from our ignoring the fruit of medical science in what could be but isn’t a true pro-life way. Abortion is the preferred method of birth control in Japan. That speaks volumes about the perceived value of Human life in overpopulated areas where the "educated" inhabitants want to have quality of life.

How many Black people ( No, they are not Afro-Americans any more than I am a Scots-Irish-German-English-French American! We are simply Americans. ) are fooled regarding our government efforts to eradicate drugs in their neighborhoods? Drugs are a most convenient way to undermine any group of people. We simply let a high mortality rate take care of thoughtless procreation. I would venture to say that all of us are aware of the impact of drugs in Black neighborhoods. Those who survive the use of drugs do not prosper, they only survive. Others die or go to prison. To me, this is blatant cruelty, and it reflects our government’s perceived value of Human life in those neighborhoods. I think you might want to get to know the folks in those neighborhoods and get a real wake-up call. Genocide advocates is the proper term for those with political power who allow drugs to exist in Black neighborhoods, and that also speaks volumes about the perceived value of Human life in our highest societal circles. Absent mandatory reproduction limits, that attitude is both cruel and understandable.

I am not amused with the marketing of Indian talent in software development in which "educated" people can be hired remotely for a mere $10 per hour. To quote my Jewish friends … "Such a deal!" Oh, yeah … on the surface it may appear as a convenient way to meet the next quarterly earnings expectation via cost reduction … but do any of you so-called management types or "leaders" have a clue about the implications to your businesses downstream … lets say … two to ten years from now? How long do you think you will remain in the driver’s seat if you continue this practice? Consider the longterm implications of your predecessors who purchased slaves and thus created the horrendous racially based social problems that have plagued us since the Civil War. Gee, they were only looking for cheap labor! So are you, and the byproducts of your cost control will be different but equally bad on our future generations in the USA.

More to the point, as you employ more people from nations like India to perform jobs of all types, you are simply supporting them in their continued and irrational population growth … and eventual aggression, by means of physical war or economic war. I recall a news clip in which an Indian official said that they were not worried that a nuclear confrontation with Pakistan would destroy the Indian population … for the Indian government estimated that at least 400 million people would survive such a confrontation! As to the other 600 million lives, well, who needs them? You get my point. That kind of thinking dwarfs anything Hitler did by two orders of magnitude! Do you ever wonder why we do not hear anything in the news media from our politicians about sensible population limits, both here and outside our borders?

The events of 9/11/2001 have caused us to question our immigration policy, for we have set up ourselves for attack internally. We have also lost much land in California and Florida to both legal and illegal immigration of Hispanics. The ugly truth is that our historical immigration policy and immigration laws resulted solely from our need to import cheap labor to support expansion during the eighteenth through early twentieth centuries. World evolution and our growth in population have made that historical policy and our holdover immigration laws ridiculous today. We need immigrants of any type like we need a plague! If you are among those with high-minded goals and false implanted beliefs regarding our welcoming the "tired and hungry" I suggest you wake up and smell the coffee.

We are no longer a melting pot but a growing collection of separatist enclaves within our communities and within certain national regions. Ask yourself how well integrated the various ethnic and racial groups are today based on latter twentieth century immigration? We did eventually integrate with White immigrants from Europe during the 20th century, which was the continent of our forefathers, but we have never integrated in significant numbers with different races. Black, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hispanic and Japanese people are not integrated by marriage with the rest of the USA population. Even Jewish people largely remain as separatists, intentionally, and they continue to be snubbed by latter day bluenoses. Both cultural differences and dislike of racial differences have made integration with White Americans via marriage occur in less than five percent of the people in those groups. I am not surprised. I see absolutely no driving force or reason for that situation to change. What I observe, however, is the inreasing percentage the high reproduction rate minority groups comprise of the total USA population.

What of Political Correctness? About the only environments where that practice is truly essential is between ambassadors and presidents in/to/from other countries, and between business partners where both stand to make a profit through cooperative respect of each other and equal observation/practice of basic business ethics. We common folk owe it to each other to observe the golden rule, and when we do, we are better than politically correct, regardless of our tasteless jokes. When we don’t, political correctness is a bad joke and a lie, however we pretend when expostulating our liberalism. When freedom of thought is stifled by stifling freedom of speech in any setting we have lost our independence and thus ourselves. We are liars by virtue of paying any lip service to political correctness. But because of "political correctness" you cannot open your mouth to speak candidly about the population issues discussed in this article. You are muzzled.

As we look to the future, it is reasonable to ask, "What do you think we are doing?" Are you prepared to lose control of your political process and your land, based on outdated and incorrect views about the USA as a melting pot? Are you prepared to see our population composition shift and ultimately get out of control? Will the exporting of white-collar or blue-collar jobs aid us in the long run? I do hope there are thinkers out there who will try to influence Congress to enact new laws or change existing immigration laws to preserve our good life and our land, not squander it. Oh, before I forget, the succinct answer to the article title question is "committing suicide."