Least Common Denominator


John Wright


Those of you who have read my book Destiny carefully have an idea what this article will address. For the rest of you, I suggest you go along for the ride and learn a bit more about how society is evolving in the USA, and increasingly, elsewhere. A little understanding may help your quality of life. He who understands pitfalls will generally try to avoid them, right? Perhaps, if he can. Perhaps, not.

Here is the kernel of contention Ö the few who acquire wealth acquire power and they are in permanent conflict with those who donít acquire wealth. The poor do not want to be disadvantaged, yet they have no ability, in general, to pull themselves out of their weak circumstances. They are comparatively less intelligent and thus fare poorly in competition with those who have intelligence. Generally, poor people simply make more poor people, if they have food. In the USA, we historically had a third group of citizens known as the middle class. These were individuals whose learned talents were needed sufficiently that they could become financially comfortable without ever becoming wealthy.

Much has been written in the past thirty years about the decline of the middle class. That is, opportunities to earn reasonable amounts of money in a career secure position, based on learning ability and actual contribution, have shrunken considerably in the USA. Immense pressure has been placed on those individuals by the wealthy, through importing of cheap labor and outsourcing many types of jobs to offshore locations. The net effect is to eliminate stepwise what we have known as the middle class, globally.

Oh, yes, lest I forget, technology advances really are the basis for many previous middle class people losing their jobs, e.g., robots in automobile assembly plants. And yes, it is true, that technology advances in general and in software specifically will hasten that process. The future does not look good for that group of people in the USA who we used to call middle class.

Digging just a bit deeper into this reality, you might perceive that virtually all jobs that combine general analytical skills with mechanical aptitudes, or highly procedural white-collar processes, however "technical," are virtually dead. For example, consider programmable machines used to produce highly complicated low tolerance, space-age materials components for our aerospace needs. Where did the experienced, talented shop people go? Who needs "shop" people when a programmable machine can take an engineerís specification and use that to create a semi-finished component part? How many ordinary tasks that used to require interfacing with sales personnel have been automated in our lives, like searching for a new car or a loan or buying almost anything, via the Internet?

This type of evolution leads to an economic decline for all except the most intelligent and the most wealthy, i.e., powerful. Leaping ahead, I perceive a future crazy world in which financiers and research scientists determine everything, for they are the only ones who have something that matters to Human progress, apart, of course, from the intelligent machines the scientists program! All the rest of the people, from media to manufacturing to, get this, legislatures, become fundamentally irrelevant. Oh my, I hope I havenít insulted anyone who believes himself to be important! But donít worry, there will always be a job waiting on the ever-growing police force. History shows us that extreme class differences can exist only when the wealthy have sizeable, advantageously equipped police forces to keep the poor in check. So it is today.

To devolve to a two-class society simply means the return to earlier times in history. The most obvious example is feudalism in the Middle Ages. One could easily divide the entire society into the wealthy landowners, their armies, the clergy and the serfs. There was no other group, and many of the clergy hid away in monasteries. Talent in, for instance, shoeing a horse, simply provided a different kind of serf employment than working the land to grow food. The essence of feudal society was that of a two class system in which people didnít have the privilege of migrating from poverty to wealth based on ability.

We are moving back to feudalism globally. This time around it is because the bulk of the people really donít have the ability to learn what is essential to become relevant to Human Progress. For most people limited intellect and limited knowledge make them wholly controllable and easily deceived. ŅHoly Frijoles, Juan, que seraí para tu y me?

Okay, guys Ö and girls Ö isnít it obvious where I am going in this article? Isnít the ability to be relevant the ability to work effectively with the subjects that matter to the progression of Humanity? Of course. So Ö where is the genetic engineering application that upgrades all humans mentally? Is it not obvious that forcing this development is the only way to avoid global slavery and decline in quality of life? Have you somehow missed the fact that the competency bar has been raised very high in just the past fifty years?

Yoo, Hoo! Is anybody home? Do you want to be a part of todayís or tomorrows least common denominator? I donít think so.

Earlier today I watched some TV video of protesters being gassed outside of Evian, France, which is the location for the current G8 conference. I guess the protesters just donít get it Ö Iíll try to help them now Ö YOU TWITS! YOU DONíT PISS AND MOAN OUTSIDE THE LIONíS DEN Ö YOU TAKE YOUR PROBLEM TO THE GUN MANUFACTURER! In this instance, I am clearly referring to our universities and research companies involved in genetic engineering. Does anyone, anywhere, actually believe that whining about how the wealthy treat the rest of humanity in a G8 setting matters? To lay your burdens at the feet of government today is foolishness. The ultra-wealthy control and are frequently/typically part of the governments. You will find your salvation elsewhere, and I donít mean the local religious fanaticsí organization.

So now you have it. Same tired old theme Ö relevant before, relevant now. In fact, it is the only way out. Letís get on with it.