Failure to Understand/Accept Hard Global Reality


John Wright


As you may have noted from my recent articles, I have been focusing on the necessity of changes to government, banking and corporations that will be mandatory to going into the future successfully as our economy formally crashes. I am not interested in whining or wringing my hands over present hard realities, for only direct action utterly unlike anything we have done or propose to do has any chance of correcting the mess we have become. Part of my thinking addresses some of our fundamental assumptions with capitalism, why they have become incorrect, and how to fix and then make sure the problems donít return to haunt later generations. And part of my thinking addresses some of the fundamental judgmental errors of socialism, why we are failing there, and how to fix and then make sure the problems of socialism donít return to haunt later generations.

Thus, I decided to write about our failures to understand and to accept hard global realities that are destroying us as we attempt to continue our old ways of thinking about and promoting economic development. I can think of multiple specific situations to discuss, but I believe it best to start with a few of the foundation causes for our worst problems. I will then discuss examples of financial abuse and future policies of government towards citizens that could and perhaps will shield citizens from financial assault and poor living standards. As you might guess, said policies are not even discussed publicly.

The primary most obvious problems are: 1) Out of control costs of socialism and 2) The banks/Wall St. and large corporations now effectively own the USA federal government, through control of elections and lobbying. They are trying to destroy socialism, and anything else that gets in the way of increasing their wealth, like unfunded obligations (SS) to the middle class, decent middle class employment, and income that keeps pace with inflation. This is class warfare, and the perpetrators of the active war are the hyper-capitalists. The passive recipients of the fruits of socialism, not itís consequences, arenít even realizing a war is taking place. They are basically so shortsighted that the only thing that will get their attention is when the financial supports from the federal government are forcibly stopped by, effectively, bankruptcy. Oh yes, money will be printed and borrowed in massive amounts to try to hold the federal financial disaster together, but the ultimate result will be utterly devalued currency and horrible inflation relative to any and all imports. This happens when the rest of the developed world finally gets pissed off enough over USA fiscal irresponsibility and removes the dollar as the global reserve currency. At that time our goose is cooked, and that event could easily happen within five years, for our public debt is now around 100% of our GDP and growing rapidly Ö about 6% per year. The clock is ticking. What is the cost of a gallon of gasoline now? What will it be five years from now, if imported, and what will that imply in quality of life for most USA citizens? What is the direction of federal revenues opposite federal budgets and the present massive deficits and our gross indebtedness?

Okay Ö now the foundation causes have been specified. Some of the future events that will result from those causes have also been specified. Now letís move to the specific consequences that have been realized already. The job market is a disaster due to offshoring and free trade agreements without trade parity. The housing market is destroyed because the job market is a disaster. It is not simply a matter of an earlier real estate price bubble. Why? The bulk of the population is meaningless relative to being essential to production of anything important, so in a capitalistic society that which has no financial value is discarded. This means, among other things, that the markets represented by the bulk of the population have recently been and are and will be in terrible trouble, for the bulk of the population will have nothing more than dismal, subsistence income. Why? Because they are not relevant to financial gain, which is the driving force currently in control of the USA federal government, as represented by large corporations and banks/Wall St./Federal Reserve. Socialism is in the process of major failure due to lack of tax revenues and exceptionally large budget deficits to support the financially unproductive that cannot be sustained. More than one out of six of our citizens are on Medicaid and 19 percent of the citizens are provided food stamps. Guess who pays for the free health insurance and the nearly free food? Liberalism and socialism are going to die for lack of income.

Anyone who took even a cursory look at the confluence of technology and expanding populations all over the world would have realized that we have been on a disaster course for at least fifty years. The Green Revolution allowed us to feed ever-expanding populations that are now no longer needed for anything economically. All they do, relative to their inability to contribute, is to consume ever more food and natural resources like oil. We have reached the point where our global physical environment is noticeably becoming a disaster, due both to excessive demand for products and poor environmental choices for meeting those demands. Simply think about the waste plastic disaster zone in the Pacific Ocean, or the out of control building of coal fired electrical generation facilities in China.

The fallout effects of hyper-capitalism and socialism are the creation of a garbage dump world, financially and physically. All the abuses by the banking system in sub-prime mortgages, and later unjustified high credit card interest rates, pale in comparison with the massive problem we now have trying to decide what to do with all the extra people, and specifically the financial and physical burden they represent now and going forward in time if left unchecked.

What I am saying is that for the first time in world history we have a global massive excess of people who are doing ever less labor of beneficial financial consequence. We grew from one billion people to six billion people in just the past 110 years. Is no one paying attention to this issue? Thus, when we look at both the attempts of the socialists to share the wealth from applied technology and the attempts of the hyper-capitalists to forcibly associate income with essential contribution we can finally see the real "Endgame." It isnít just about the financial world. It isnít just about the ability of Earth to provide resources for rational levels of population. It isnít anything to do with form of government or one countryís contrast to another. It is all about progression of technology and the inability of ever higher percentages of the global population to be educationally and thus economically relevant. The endgame is a disaster in which death, not dollars, will be on our minds constantly, and that will undermine our sense of humanity and our sanity.

We are not entering a "Brave New World." We are in the early, but now noticeable and undeniable stages of a class war that will become unbelievably nasty, globally. All of the shortsighted infantile economic and humanitarian discussions of developed and developing nations are accurately seen as diversions away from the fundamental misfit between higher populations and the lack of need for higher populations, and the environmental disasters they represent simply by existing in consumptive societies. Think about the burning of forests in South America to support agriculture to feed ever more people. Or think about the seriously lowered and non-replenished aquifer levels in India, or Saudi Arabia, or even the USA. This is not a world with a rational plan for the future. This is a world that for the first time in history is physically capable of destroying the environment globally, along with billions of people, and we are well along in that mindless "endeavor." No one is talking publicly about any practical plan to reverse this disastrous course. Instead, we elevate deception to levels so high as to be ludicrous. Economics is not the real issue at all.

All of the forward thinking goals and plans I discussed in my book, Destiny, are worthless, if we make no effort to stop our global population misfit that is accelerating our financial and environmental demise now. We must castrate the hyper-capitalists financially and sterilize the masses of non-contributors physically, else we will by default create unbelievable human misery through war and starvation. Recognize that essentially every action taken by government and business in the past thirty years has contributed heavily to our demise, and the same can be said of essentially all the actions not taken by government and business in the past thirty years, and the lack of those actions and how they have contributed to our demise, globally. Unfortunately, there is not, nor has there ever been, a public plan to manage population sensibly, as well as business greed, so that all of us here can have good lives. Instead, we saw in the younger G. W. Bushís years as president, clear efforts to stop the very genetic research essential to improving humanity genetically. This failure to plan and act foolishness has to stop now, and if Washington/the Congress waits until we fail financially/completely instead of taking immediate action to reverse our stupid course, there will ensue hate wars within the USA and elsewhere that will devastate us. You can take that to the bank!

As the clock ticks you will know how much closer we are coming to disaster simply by noting no public plan for population management. If you are a capitalist you know that the increasing demands of socialism are destroying us financially, and that the historical necessity of earnings coming from essential contribution is utterly violated. If you are a socialist you know that the money that comes from somewhere must first be earned and collected as taxes, and the ratio of income to expenses is far out of control and collapsing. This overall disaster is a direct result of taking the fruits of technology and misusing them, and failure to engineer the future of humanity.