John Wright wrote the articles that follow this introduction from Spring 1999 to the present time. They are a collection of conceptual material and commentary on current events, meant to supplement the basic text in Johnís book, Destiny. John recommends that you read Destiny before reading the articles.

The articles have been ordered in approximate chronological sequence. The reader will note that some articles are purely amplification of conceptual material in Destiny while others are Johnís interpretations of the meaning of major current events across the world, in the context of the Destiny philosophy.

There is one article about investing that falls outside both of the above categories, and it was included for both practical value and to illustrate that wealth is achievable for those willing to step outside their typically constrained and limited lives.

It is Johnís hope that young people read Destiny and the articles during their high school years, so that they can approach later education and adult life wiser and more discerning than they would otherwise be. The value of seeing life clearly while young cannot be overestimated, for most of us make our most serious, life confining decisions while young and impressionable.

Destiny materials are also quite suited to the College and University environments, for it is in those environments, particularly in a liberal arts setting, that critical reasoning skills are developed and refined. Destiny concepts are perfect foundations from which to critically analyze human history and all the thoughts that have come forward through history that are typically promoted as truth and wisdom.

May you use all aspects of Destiny to improve your life and that of all Humanity.