Where are the Brains?


John Wright


Once in a while I get an emotional surge from news media topics that, how shall I say it, touch my "soul." A few moments ago I listened to yet one more talking head discuss UN efforts to coax scientists to leave Iraq. Letís dispense with the obvious now, so as to not waste time. The scientists are the only people anybody outside Iraq wants, and the reasons are more than obvious! Competition for power is not appreciated. Am I wrong? Do you hear anyone offering political asylum to the rug merchants?

As you might guess, I am of a scientific background. Some people of my type have a rather strong view about who moves the world Ö and it isnít the politicians. In every age scientists have taken us beyond our present knowledge in powerful and reliably demonstrable ways. They routinely upset the "power apple-cart" by dumping unexpected new knowledge upon us, through which we can change our entire way of living. We thus have major problems assimilating such things as cloning, for they do not fit the existing plans of the power brokers.

The funny thing about scientific research is that it characteristically leads to the upsetting of the apple cart. Therein lies a message to all those who presume power but are not scientists. If you really had a clue to where we are going, which is actually evident in our scientific advances, you would not do the things you do to screw the rest of humanity and the environment. It is your idiot-savant aptitude for manipulation that drives you, not a thorough understanding of humanity and life.

Part of the irony of human history is the reality that those in power take the fruits of science and use them to acquire more power. Scientific discovery thus becomes the core of all planning to amass power in the long term, and often in the medium term. All we have to do is look at the Manhattan Project, and note that it is but one historical example of my point. Or, if you arenít into ancient history, consider the Star Wars program, which has now resulted in military lasers.

The problem here is that multiple weaknesses of leadership are compensated by unintended scientific contribution to the maintenance of power. This means we have the same type of twisted and limited people driving our societies through politics today that we had thousands of years ago. Now there is a real irony. Stasis and judgmental weakness in these so-called leaders is chronic, and up to now we do not see any practical way to change that situation.

I could belabor the point, but the simple fact is that we must use scientific advances to eliminate the weak leadership problem, not to provide it with ever more tools to subjugate humanity. So, where are the brains? Who, in the scientific community, understands this need and is prepared to act on it? Who has the balls and the knowledge to make the inevitable happen sooner rather than later? And while I am at it, who has enough breadth of understanding of life outside the laboratory to realize that common people must be led so as not to overpopulate us out of existence?

Scientists have the means, now and in the near future, to effect the needed changes. I am left with the problem of will. If the study of science is not an end unto itself, then those who practice it are obligated to use it to the development of Humanity. Hear me well Ö your work has been used terribly by those who consider you to be simply tools. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee, folks. You are responsible for leading Humanity into the future, not the politicians.

If you look deeply into your own philosophy, you will find the reasons and the strength to do more than scientific discovery. Your products are your means to effect the sensible growth of the Human Race. Use them!