Why the USA Should Attack Iraq


John Wright


Those of you who know me well instantly recognize that the title to this article is so far removed from my stated beliefs that I am either pulling your leg or have gone completely round the bend. I regret to inform you that either of those assumptions would be wrong. I have come to the conclusion that the forward progress of Humanity demands that the USA attack and conquer Iraq. I will now attempt to explain myself in a most direct manner.

Earlier today my wife and I engaged in spirited conversation about USA plans to disarm Iraq. She compared "Wís" most recent "Enterprise" speech to the world of King Richard, which led to the Crusades. To point, "W" is considering taking on all of the Middle East to educate, inform and improve the lives of the inhabitants, by shoving the current USA version of democracy and other cultural and economic practices down their throats. King Richard wanted to capture the Middle East as the birthplace of Christianity, while shoving Christianity down the throats of the inhabitants.

Her comparison of "W" to King Richard was nothing short of perfect. The same stupidity and arrogance that affected powerful religious zealots at King Richardís time in history are clearly alive and well today in Washington. "W" simply wants a 21st century version of the Crusades, to help those "ignorant heathens" forsake their beliefs and practices. There is simply no respect here for other cultures and their beliefs and practices and their right to their own "manifest destiny." After all, they have something we want Ö the "Holy Grail" of oil.

Well, her observation was interesting, but not sufficient for me to consider writing an article. As it turns out, we continued talking about social evolution in the USA as characterized by vastly increasing governmental control over the lives of supposedly free individuals during the past 100 or so years. The more we talked the more obvious it became that the subset of the very wealthy in the USA now owns the media and the government, and that their choices for who and how we common citizens should be are the only relevant driving forces in control today.

As all recent and proposed legislation has been developed to restrict our free choices in areas like abortion or guns, or freedom from unreasonable search or seizure (Homeland Security) it is very clear that the general population is being herded, not empowered. Just this morning I learned about a coming national database that will be used to screen for "undesirable" airline passengers. This type of uncomfortable reality has, in itself, been known for a long time, and I have written about it in various contexts. So why repeat myself?

I have come to the realization that two or more wrongs can indeed make a right, as follows: 1) War with Iraq, which will be won easily, will set the stage for our president and his warmongering religious zealot buddies to widen the sphere of their conquests. Trust me, they will be too stupid to know when to stop. 2) Unlike here, where the influence of local wealth allows them to get away with the destruction of our freedoms, expansion of conquest behaviors following Iraq will so irritate the rest of the strong nations of the world that they will see fit to "bring us down." "W" has expressed contempt towards the UN, so it is very clear to the rest of the world how little we value their opinion. They will respond accordingly.

The exact manner and timing are irrelevant. What does matter is that the evolution of centralized power/wealth within the USA may be stopped and indeed reversed. Thus, I find myself hoping that the USA does attack Iraq, and I sincerely apologize to the Iraqi citizens for using them as one sacrificial means to stop the arrogance of the powerful in the USA. Unfortunately, the future of the entire world is at stake, and the sooner the arrogant wealthy, hawks and religious fanatics here are brought down, the better.

I can think of no more effective way to stop the progression of excessive and criminal government control over common citizens in the USA. I can think of no better way to stop our excessively opportunistic and bullying behaviors outside the USA. We will simply overstep our bounds internationally, and the remainder of the world will, shall I say, set us straight. Yes, the pain of terrorism will be awful for all of us here. Yes, the economic impact on our future will be a disaster. Yes, we will become a second rate power like Great Britain. Yes, that is the only way to evolve the world such that the UN ultimately becomes the governing body, thus stopping regional and national zealotry from being exported militarily or economically.

Do note that the USA has long had the opportunity to enhance the power of the UN, but has decided instead to pursue world dominance at every level, just like every other stupid nation of the past that temporarily held some position of economic or military advantage. It seems that no one learns from history.

Note that Germany and Japan are not exactly in trouble today, even though they were crushed in WWII. I donít even foresee any major war between the USA and other major world powers, simply a lot of sword waving, rhetoric and threats. The crushing that does occur here will be of a modern type, in which failure of the existing power base to protect our citizens from both terrorism and economic distress will precipitate primaries and election results unlike anything we have seen before. You might spend a few moments thinking about legislation in that future environment, especially the repeal of laws that constrain the commoners and give all the power to the wealthy. We may even see wealth limits legislation as I proposed in Destiny and various later articles.

In short, we will undergo chaos for a decade or two, before we again get our act together here and on the international scene. It will be a "new tomorrow" for some of us, and a far better world for the rest of the world. The USA will have earned its sentence of becoming "just another nation."

I am both embarrassed and dismayed to suggest such a hellish path. If any of you know of a better way to use the arrogance of our powerful against themselves, please let me know. Otherwise, I am made to look like a hawk, which I am not. Obviously, I cannot and do not want the above scenario to occur because it implies pain, death and destruction for many innocent people here and abroad. If, however, the USA government is not stopped soon, at home and abroad, we have the makings of another "Roman Empire," with the banners of Christianity and Democracy used to hide both psychological and physical slavery everywhere.