A Better Capitalism


John Wright

The economic decline of the USA has been argued from many different perspectives regarding cause and effect. That it has happened and is getting worse are not even questionable. Massively increasing federal debt alone tells enough of the complete story to make clear that all of the citizens are in trouble, albeit in different ways. Even those who are temporarily wealthy are at risk of losing their lives because of their wealth. The French Revolution was not a fairy tale. It can and could and may happen here.

This article is about a fundamental set of changes in the rights and responsibilities of individuals and in the nature of governments, corporations and banks and what they are permitted to be. Governments have to be reformed from scratch. But let me bore you first with a brief description of the finger-pointing that is leading nowhere useful.

Right wing conservative capitalists blame left wing liberal socialists, and vice versa. People who have lost good paying jobs blame corporations for offshoring. Financially secure people from modest means to the wealthy blame the poor for laziness and living off the "system." Recently poor people who have fallen from the middle class are too stunned at their loss of standard of living to know exactly who to blame. If anything they blame previous employers and banks for greed, and they are beginning to grasp federal government complicity in creating their problems. Chronically poor people donít blame anyone, for their lives of section eight housing, Medicaid and food stamps havenít really changed, yet.

A good visual analogy is to imagine a circus high wire performer trying to progress from one end of the high wire to the other. The performer finds that the balance bar he uses to compensate small errors of balance is continuously changing. First, it is too heavy on one side. Then, it is too heavy on the other. Both problems throw the performer off balance, but with extreme care and skill the performance goes on, until such time as the weight of the balance bar on both ends becomes too much for the performer to carry. The bar is dropped onto the high wire and the resulting depression and return bounce throw the performer off the wire. Alas, there is no safety net. The performer will die unless he realizes what is happening long before the weight becomes too much to bear, and thus he takes action by reversing his "progress" and decreasing his load to reach safety before it is too late. Attempting to remain stationary under heavy load will not work. So it is that we have to undo the path and the wrongs that have been perpetrated to harm the common people in the USA.

Having lost nothing, and lacking knowledge of what they should have a right to expect in opportunities, many young people simply live with parents or poorly, in small groups, surviving marginal lives and not feeling particularly invested in anything. They donít care because they feel there is no reason to care and they are right on target in feeling exactly the way they do, but only in terms of the opportunities that should be (and arenít) available to them to become financially self sufficient.

Meanwhile the elevated stock market makes everything look superficially rosy, which of course is in clear contrast to the obvious inflation in consumables like fuel and food, which tell a very different story for those on fixed incomes. In the old days inflation drove the stock market down. Now, the elevated numbers reflect both market manipulation and the declining value of the dollar, for it is reasonable that larger inflation would be reflected ultimately in larger major indices, e.g. the DOW. The fundamental value of the underlying assets of businesses and the increases of revenue relative to the collapse in 2008 and 2009, expressed mostly in projected rather than real current revenue, means the businesses have in no way declined in value. Their value is simply expressed in diluted dollars, which means they are actually in big trouble relative to business volume, as a non-diluted dollar would have the DOW sitting around 8000. Volume of sales per capita of each product across the past decade, paid for in earned dollars, will tell the truth, not the manipulated or created or entitlement dollars.

When we take instantaneous snapshots of the economy and fail to factor in trends we miss the most important understandings of where we are going, as well as where we have been in the past. I wonít even waste the time to provide examples, for the point of this article is to explain what will work going forward in time to return the USA to a state of financial health across the citizenry able and willing to contribute to success, not only for the few. As for those who cannot or will not contribute there is a much different story and it is not pleasant.

Let us begin.

A fundamental reason for submitting to be governed is that a government will protect the people, who in turn will obey laws designed and implemented for the common good of all the people. A fundamental reason for having capitalism is that it is the most efficient way to advance a culture, by rewarding superior performance in creating better products and services for the common good of all the people. That common good includes employing the people so that they might be able to purchase the better products or avail themselves of the better services created. One fundamental reason for having banking systems is to provide loans to all responsible employed people who have income sufficient to pay back the loans, at interest, so that the people can purchase homes and automobiles and develop equity for security in old age.

It is obvious that government, corporations and banks have many more functions than I have described above, but what I described is sufficient to accommodate my objectives in this article. The idea is that when the fundamental reasons for having government, for permitting corporations to exist, and for funding banks are violated to the extreme detriment of the common people then extreme measures are an absolute requirement to correct deficiencies. The reason is that those vested with wide powers have failed continuously, morally, to meet their obligations to the common people, such that self-correction of the failures will not happen, as immorality supports only self. Thus there will be no corrections without extreme measures taken by the common people. Our net experience tells us absolutely that voting doesnít work because the entire elective system has been perverted by the wealthy. There is no valid counter argument, for the proof is all around us as economic disaster for the common people, and it is seen continuously in the voting records of the congressional, as well as state, senators and representatives.

In a sane and basically fair economy the common people are responsible to contribute ideas and labor to the support of government via taxes on income. They are responsible morally as well as physically for their contribution to the business health of the corporations that employ them. They are responsible to the banks that fund their larger purchases by being responsible in the use and distribution of their earned income, such that they pay back all obligations. These are all matters of moral obligation, not simply economics. And if the citizens do not execute their obligations then what should be done?

Such citizens as those who fail to contribute yet who are able to contribute must be denied the benefits of the culture and of citizenship. No longer will place of birth determine the right to claim citizenship. All people must be denied the freedom and ability to propagate at will, some for the problems they exemplify and some until social contributive viability is established. This means individuals must be denied ability to reproduce, which is accomplished by banking genetic material and forcing sterilization of all males during teen years. The right to reproduce must be earned. For females who become pregnant prior to earning the right to reproduce, chemical abortion becomes mandatory until the right to reproduce is earned, after which reproduction is limited to one to one, or, two children per couple.

Societal structures are critical to our existence and they must be supported without question as a result of each earning the respect of the citizens by performing each responsibility to the citizens in an exemplary manner. To do this successfully these structures must be populated by people worthy of respect who hold the common good to be their highest responsibility. There is no place in government, corporations or banks for any individuals who lack that innermost directive. Raw economics has proven to be the absolute enemy of the people. Raw socialism has proven to be the destruction of incentive for contributive common people. The constant warring between powerful people of those opposite philosophies has created a complete mess of what we used to have in the USA Ö opportunity to work diligently and thus create by and for the individual the good life.

Now it is necessary to describe what needs to be done, stepwise, to correct our present structural problems, and to get us on a path to rational and moral behaviors and the success that will result from those behaviors. The corrections are harsh, and they need to be so to counter the destructive behaviors of both powerful and non-contributive people at any and all levels of wealth or poverty.

Acquire and store as much long shelf life food and water and necessary medicines as you can that will not spoil when stored in a pantry or cellar. A supply that can last you and your family at least one year (and two is better) is the minimum required amount, noting that it can be a very simple and inexpensive and relatively boring diet, and therefore inexpensive to acquire beyond your present food budget. Similarly, acquire and store such weapons and ammunition as you believe necessary in the event of civil war or massive destructive revolt on the part of those who did not prepare. After about a year, say by the fourth of July, 2012, it is time to take action if direct warnings to government and business are not heeded and fairly addressed.

The very first thing to do upon continuing to be ignored by the powerful is to bring down the economy completely so that federal and state revenues will be crushed. That is accomplished by electing not to pay any periodic bills like rents or mortgages or insurances of any type or medical bills or levied property taxes of any sort. Do not go to work. Spend such money as you have saved or get only on critical utilities, and save as much of that money earned earlier as you can in a good hiding place. The massive decline in business, bank and government revenues will bring an end to the present governments and the banks and many of the businesses that have created our economic disaster. Idiotic entitlement programs of all types will be forced to cease for utter lack of funds. Creditors who today purchase USA debt will shun further attempts by the USA to acquire debt as even necessary interest payments on existing debt will be in default.

Second, violate civil and misdemeanor level criminal laws daily and openly in groups in public. Violate any and all local ordinances that you find to be unreasonably restrictive, like land requirements for animal husbandry. Do this in massive numbers to overwhelm any attempts by law enforcement or the courts to control that intended disobedience. The idea is to make all law enforcement agencies completely useless and powerless, such that they are not available at a practical level to support any government efforts to regain control. They will only beat, maim, kill and imprison briefly until the whole system falls apart. We know this to be undeniably true based on the Civil Rights movement, as the federal government caved in to the people to avoid massive rebellion.

When marshal law is declared and the governments attempt to enforce it via National Guard and regular Army troops simply demonstrate with signs showing all troops that they have been forced to become the enemy of the people by working for criminal, immoral governments. Do not riot. Simply lay down and refuse to follow any order. Like police agencies the military people will quickly understand that they too are overwhelmed by sheer numbers. They will have to acknowledge that the people have decided, peacefully, that new governments need to be formed at state and national levels and that the old ones simply do not represent the people any longer.

Do not attempt to work within the "system" no matter what is promised. All members of state legislatures, governors, the Congress, the president and the Supreme Court must resign and be replaced by new elections in which incumbents are denied the ability to run for office. No candidate with a net worth of over one million dollars will be allowed to run for office. All media will be forced to provide free air time for candidates to state their goals and proposed methods for regaining and rebuilding a strong and fair country for the USA citizens.

As we form new governments at the state and federal levels a variety of policy changes must and will be made. For example, the privilege to form and operate and continue to operate corporations will be based on contribution to the society, not simply to investors. This will address environmental issues as well as employment issues and the value or potential danger of the products made, like fast food. The profit motive will be channeled and contained.

Internationally, all troops come back. All foreign debts are cancelled until the new USA government decides when and how to repay based on the rebirth of the USA economy (the common people did not create the conditions or allow them that resulted in massive balance of payments problems and federal debt purchased by countries like China). Any corporation chartered within the USA will as based on products sold manufacture within the USA and be denied the ability to import any but critical need products made outside the USA, and then only until such products can again be manufactured within the USA.

Immigration will cease immediately and all persons not born within the USA, who immigrated after 1980, will be forced to leave, including their offspring who may have been born in the USA that will be denied citizenship.

There will be no welfare. Federal land areas for agriculture will be set aside for the chronically poor to live off the land. They will no longer impact the rest of the society via entitlements or slums, which will be razed, or high levels of crime/drugs. Assistance in shelter, critical prescription pharmaceuticals, food, farm equipment, farm infrastructure, seeds and chemicals will be provided for five years only. After that time food sold from the farms will generate income that will be used for any and all needs. Education will be provided by people willing to work pro bono from the outside or within those communities. Children who through education show promise will be brought back into normal society and integrated into it with initial placement and temporary financial assistance, employment and when so indicated receive additional education to allow them to achieve their potential. This return of a significant part of the population to a more simple mode of living is a kindness that addresses the continuously larger problem of people not being able to contribute to or even understand an advanced technological society. It is a sensible way to deal with this intractable problem until such time as genetic engineering is functional in enhancing intelligence for everyone.

Currency will be reissued as $1 of new currency equals $10 of old currency, and new currency will be provided in exchange for old currency but with severe limits regarding exchange limits available to individuals, banks and large corporations. This will destroy the wealth distribution problem. Corporations and banks that get on board to reform and rebuild the USA economy, employing the common people, will be granted currency exceptions in direct proportion to their adherence to new standards and laws pertaining to limitations on each. All foreign holders of USA currency debt will be paid back at the rate of $1 per $10 of debt, in the new currency, but starting only after ten years, with no interest accruing. All individual foreign holders of USA currency will be limited to a maximum compensation of $5 million new dollars. Individuals/citizens within the USA will be limited to a total wealth limit of $1 million new dollars that will include all assets. Existing USA currency will become illegal to use, except for exchange as described above, upon provision of the new currency. Currency exchange will terminate six months after initiation, after which all old USA currency will be declared legally useless.

It is time to destroy drug lords financially as well as making the possession of cocaine, heroin or other established opiate family drugs punishable without trial by immediate execution. Military excursions will be used to destroy all land areas in the western hemisphere known to be used to grow plants to provide any of the above drugs. PCP and similar drugs manufactured within the USA will carry the identical penalties. Marijuana will be completely legal for all USA citizens to grow and use. Ships or aircraft from any part of the world docking in USA ports or travelling within 100 miles of the USA coastline or landing at USA airports will be subject to search. Any vessels or planes found transporting illegal drugs will be summarily destroyed along with transport crews.

The growing, processing, distribution, sale and use of tobacco products will cease. All land areas within the USA discovered to be used to grow tobacco will be poisoned, so as to make the land unusable for a minimum of ten years. Vessels or aircraft arriving in the USA found to contain tobacco products will be summarily destroyed.

USA citizens will stop the peaceful revolution in each geographic area where the stated requirements have been honestly addressed and in the process of being met for all subjects discussed above. There will be great need for responsible and honest citizens to get each sub-section of the local economy going again. Plan on at least five years of simple living and hard work to reform business, banking and government and to create a valid and reasonable economy. Indeed, figure on at least twenty years of diligent work to recreate the USA as a healthy, powerful and fair nation.

If you believe these prognostications to be off the wall you had best take another look at the failing society around you. It is unstable. It will fail completely and you can know that simply by looking at federal debt, current and proposed. The manner of failure and rebirth is up to you. Isnít it time you had a real voice in determining your future? Do you believe that anything less than what I have identified as change requirements will work? Think clearly about that.

As power has coalesced into the hands of ever fewer people the quality of the lives of the rest of the people has proportionally diminished. That national disgrace ends with totally reforming the federal and state governments, not to return.

Peace Ö with a strong bite, and a determination to make the USA a good place to raise a family, a good place to expect honest employment with compensation based on employee value to the business as derived through profits. Employee majority stock ownership is required, with no person or organization owning more than five percent of the stock.

Peace Ö with a severe decline in government income, size and functions with an end to all entitlement programs and a forced small military budget, accompanied by similar or analogous changes at state, county and local levels. This applies to present domain and sunset laws to reduce and to limit future domains.

Peace Ö with an end to usury by banks, with interest rate limits being fixed to no higher than 8 percent per annum simple interest, and no tolerance for laziness or non-performance financially by individuals lest they be assigned to live in land areas designated for the chronically poor.

Peace Ö with an end to all forms of socialism, including all insurances, and an end to unlimited corporate, bank or individual wealth, and pricing structures that reflect a percentage of investment and production costs and not abuse of power as is seen in the pharmaceutical industry today.

Peace Ö with an end to interference in the affairs of all foreign countries, excepting such commerce as may be deemed beneficial to all parties, with mandatory trade parity.

Peace Ö with war outlawed except for the direct defense of the USA mainland, and taxes paid evenly on income across all incomes at a flat rate until the individual wealth limit is reached. Thereafter, a tax rate of 100% applies, which will create a significant population segment capable of operating pro bono and helping bring along the rest of society by time contributed to education and community and business planning.